Qi Spa Cares

At Qi Spa, our way of giving back is to help cancer patients.

Qi Spa is pleased to offer complimentary spa treatments to patients receiving treatment for cancer. Please call to inquire.

qi spa cares cancer

Letters from our Clients

A Letter from our Client Liz

Since June 2012, my life has been a crazy amusement park roller coaster. This is an emotional ride and extremely hard at times. From initially being diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 38, to finding out that it had metastised into my liver to most recently finding out that the cancer has now spread to the bones, I continue with chemotherapy, bone therapy and holistic treatments. I live with cancer daily, my days filled with “routine” in-between scans and many hospital visits. I am learning to live with cancer.

Through all the hardships cancer has brought to my life, there have been many silver linings. Qi Tranquility Spa is one of those silver linings. As I eavesdropped on a conversation between two cancer survivors at Wellspring sharing their stories, they mentioned this amazing spa in Oakville that helps cancer patients in treatment. I went home, googled the Spa and met my angels.

It is very difficult to find beauty in fighting cancer, not to mention the financial strain fighting cancer can put on a family. Spa treatments were not on the top of my priority list. Katharine and her spa angels changed that. Qi Tranquility Spa gives back to those affected by cancer, and has put beauty back into my life. For this, I will forever be grateful! — Liz