Massage & Esthetics


qi spa facial
All our Facials include neck, decollate and scalp massage. Please let your esthetician know if you do not want an organic peel or stimulant. Relieve Stress, Reduce Anxiety and Increase Your Energy and Vitality – add Meditation to any Facial or Body Treatment for an extra charge of $35.00 (15 mins).

Qi Customized Facial – 50 mins

+ Décoletté $75.00
+ Micro $50.00

Remove toxins and purify your skin with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, combined with stimulating and gentle massage techniques for lymphatic drainage and anti-aging benefits.
*For gentlemen, please shave before treatment


Qi Signature Facial – 75 mins

+ Décoletté $75.00
+ Micro $50.00

Escape into complete bliss with our Signature Customized Facial plus this facial will include hair cleansing and Indian Head Massage with a hair masque while you lay in the comfort of your bed. Let your stress melt away with our signature one of a kind facial. *Please note you will leave with wet hair. You may book a blow dry at Qi Salon for an extra charge.


Marine Flower Peptide Facial – 75 mins

+ Oxygen $90.00

During the Marine Flower Peptide Facial we use powerful Botanical Peptides and Unique Marine Flower Technology for a More Youthful looking skin. Marine Flower peptides and collagen-boosting botanicals are used to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The smart collagen complex boosts the production of collagen while unique algae extracts increase firmness and provide long-lasting hydration. During the facial we will cleanse the skin, tone and exfoliate with the Artic Berry Peel. After your extractions a masque is applied and massaged into the skin followed by a gentle cleanse. Your powerful Marine Flower peptide serum is applied and the Marine Peptide Concentrate to help boost the collagen in your skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while the concentrate helps to protect your collagen from degradation for a smoother complexion. The facial will end with the Marine Flower peptide moisturizer to reveal fresh, hydrated, firmer-looking skin.


Gua Sha Facial – 60 mins

This rejuvenating Facial will help you to attain a brighter, radiant and healthier skin. Cells are activated and face regains elasticity. The Gua Sha facial is derived from the healing principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Specialized facial techniques are used with a jade Gua Sha tool that is specifically designed to work on the various contours of the face and helps to iron out fine lines and wrinkles. The Gua Sha Facial promotes a healthier and younger looking skin while promoting blood circulation, lymph drainage and activate your energy.
This facial is not recommended if you have had fillers or botox in the last 6–8 weeks. Please note that extractions are not included in this facial.


Cool Therapy Facial – 60 mins

Magic Cool Roller Ball Facial Massage for Face and Neck!
This facial is soothing and anti-inflammatory. The Cool Therapy Facial is suitable for improving acne, discoloration, skin firmness, puffy eyes, lines and wrinkles. This Facial will relieve excessive skin tension and fatigue and produce a much brighter and radiant glow to your skin. Bring back that natural glow to your face!


Acupuncture Facial – 70 mins

Performed by our Acupuncturist Christine
This cosmetic treatment is an extension of traditional acupuncture. This Facial will naturally help make the skin look younger, smoother, and all- around healthier. Unlike injection procedures, facial acupuncture addresses not only signs of aging but also the skins overall health. It works internally to optimize your health while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of your skin. The main result from this facial is a bright complexion as though the skin has been awakened from a long, deep sleep. All the fresh blood and oxygen flood the face and really bring it back to life! The focus of the acupuncture facial is to create long- term changes in the health of the skin and body, not short-term quick fixes. During the acupuncture facial you will receive acupuncture needles in the face, abdomen, hands, knees and ankles. To enhance your acupuncture facial the use of Gu Sha tool, jade roller, and warm eye treatment is used to increase the benefits of this facial. Rejuvenate your face and create long term changes to your skin!
*Maintenance of acupuncture facial is recommended every 8 weeks.


Qi Acne Advanced Treatment – 45 mins

$150.00 each on own
$135.00 each when you buy 4 as a package

Best to be done in a series of 4
The first week we do a very gentle cleanse, followed by a 15% encapsulated salicylic acid peel (1 – 2 layers). Once peel is removed, we proceed to extractions and high frequency as needed. Your facial is completed to a balancing charcoal masque and an Acne Advanced Clay masque to clear out pores and soothe inflammation, finishing with a clarifying hydrator. Treatments followed after first week include a 15% peel applied up to 3 layers.
Home care is key to facial – 20% off when you buy the kit


Qi Oxygen Facial – 60 mins

+ Décoletté $75.00
+ Micro $50.00
+ Eye & Lip $55.00

This is a harmonized combination of our famous customized facial with Intraceuticals serums perfectly selected for your skin type. Products are pushed deep into the skin with pure oxygen to correct and give your skin instant hydration and vitality with a luminous, vibrant appearance.


Retouch, Renew Facial – 60 mins

This facial is a customized facial using the High Performance Perfecting serums by Intraceuticals. These perfecting serums are pushed into the skin with pure Oxygen and with massage therapy. Each of the Perfecting Serums targets your key concerns which include fine lines, your eye area and lifting in the jaw and neck area. We renew the skin with the most powerful peptides to deliver revolutionary results. This is the perfect Facial for Red Carpet Ready!


Qi Luxurious Facial – 90 mins

+ Décoletté $75.00

The ultimate in relaxation; start with an aromatherapy foot bath with an herbal tea while your feet get expertly exfoliated with a handmade sugar scrub. We then dive into your skin with the perfect combination of our customized facial, followed with a Knesko mask to plump and refine the skin, while finishing with Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment to push products deep into the skin and give you the perfect glow.
*Comes with microdermabrasion or organic chemical peel*


Qi Illuminating Facial (Knesko Facial) – 60-75 mins

+ Lip & Eye $55.00
+ Neck & Décoletté $90.00

Real precious stone or metal masks are used on the skin for a dramatic, age-defying, plumping and pore-refining result. Healing crystals are used for a detoxifying massage on the face which results in clear, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.
*Comes with microdermabrasion or organic chemical peel*


Facial Add-Ons


Add to any Facial $50.00
On its Own $125.00
Aids in a smooth texture to the skin, minimizes wrinkles, scars and pores while providing a deep exfoliation.

Organic Peels


Knesko Eye & Lip Treatment

Add to any Facial $55.00
Smoothing, hydrating and brightening
This treatment will leave your eyes looking bright while soothing puffiness. Your lips will be exfoliated, plumped and youthful.

Knesko Neck & Décolleté

Add to any Facial $90.00
Our skin on our neck and décolleté age and take in toxins / free radicals just the same as our face; so let’s not forget about these areas! Your neck and chest area will be hydrated while helping to reduce fine lines.


Add to any Facial $90.00
Featuring BIOEFFECT® Advanced EGF Skin Imprinting Facial Treatment
HGF/EGF (Human Growth Factor / Epidermal Growth Factor) deteriorates in the skin as we age, and these products help to bring it back again! Made by scientists in Iceland, these products help to thicken and transform the skin thanks to a technology made from barley.

Qi Beauty Editor

Get the right products for your skin!

Personal Skincare & Product Consultation


Need help organizing products? Not sure if you are using the correct products for your skin type? We can help! Book a consultation today to determine what you should be using for your AM, PM and weekly routine.

Massage with an RMT

spa massage
Acupuncture and Reflexology available. Please let receptionist know if you would like these added.

Registered Massage Therapy

60 mins $145.00
75 mins $175.00
90 mins $195.00

Registered Massage Therapy with Acupuncture

60 mins $175.00
75 mins $195.00
90 mins $215.00

Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage

This massage starts with a warm foot bath to cleanse your feet and to start the refreshing process. Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage is a complete mind and body well-being experience, perfect to induce a deep state of relaxation combining the intense sleep inducing qualities of aromatherapy, sound therapy and unique massage techniques. It helps clients experience deep relaxation, decrease stress and tensions.

Hot Stone Massage – 75 mins

Hot stone therapy combines massage with the use of smooth, heated basalt stones, which are applied to the body as an extension of the RMT’s hands. The warmth of these heated stones penetrates muscles and balances the nervous system like no other treatment. Indulge yourself today!

Energy Flow Healing Massage – 90 mins

Issues that a person has, whether it is emotional, mental or physical, is emotionally based. It would not be an issue if it wasn’t emotionally charged. Christine uses her expertise along with acupuncture, massage and joint adjustments and purifying crystals to remove the emotion of the particular issue from the body. Once the emotion is diffused from the issue, your body’s innate healing ability is turned on, and the healing process begins. With one-on-one professional, confidential attention, Christine will discover your body’s core needs and remove boundaries that are blocking your healing energy. It will help you take control of the problem at hand, strengthening and speeding up your recovery naturally.

Massage with an Esthetician

Acupuncture and Reflexology available. Please let receptionist know if you would like these added.

Swedish Massage / Aromatherapy – 60 mins

The Swedish relaxation massage / technique is a thorough full body massage intended to relieve tension and stress. We also offer an array of essential oils to choose from to add to your service. *This is not a deep tissue massage and is performed by an esthetician not an RMT.

Qi De-Stress Booster – 75 mins

This treatment begins with a thorough back exfoliation, followed by hot stones that are placed on the back to relieve tension and improve circulation. Your legs and back are massaged, then get a lymphatic drainage massage on the face, followed by an arm and foot massage for total relaxation. *This massage is performed by an esthetician not an RMT.

Body Treatments

eminence body treatment skin scrub
Back Facial

This treatment targets the most neglected part of your body. We use products customized to accommodate your skin type and condition. We will cleanse, tone, exfoliate, extract, use specialized masques, massage and moisturize your back. This treatment also includes a lower leg and hot stone foot massage.

Hot Salt Body Therapy

Rebalancing, mineralizing, making the body smooth, light and free!
The exotic embracing heat of salts mixed with aromatherapy oils with a rebalancing massage to combat stress and fatigue. This treatment will mineralize the skin and it has a powerful stimulating lasting effect on bio-energetic weak points and a rebalancing effect on the nervous system. This treatment will begin with a 30min body massage with hot oils, followed by a customized hot salt scrub to stimulate & rebalance your nervous system. Enjoy an aromatherapy shower followed by a full body moisturizing treatment.

Qi Signature Experience – 2 hrs or 3 hrs with an upgraded RMT Massage

$350.00 or $450.00 with upgraded RMT Massage
This package includes: Aromatherapy Steam Shower, Full Body Scrub & Wrap, Facial, Hair Cleansing, Conditioner & Scalp Massage, Aromatherapy Shower & Full Body Massage
ADD ON: Upgrade to a 60 minute RMT Massage

Manicures & Pedicures

manicure pedicure

*** Please inform receptionist if you currently have Shellac on your nails that need removal. We only remove CND Shellac. If you have any other brand, please note that we adjust pricing accordingly based on the time needed for removal.

Qi Manicure – 45 mins

Nails are expertly groomed and buffed, followed by an intense moisturizing mask with relaxing arm massage. We also have many nail polish colours to choose from by CND to fit your mood.

Shellac Manicure

Our Qi Manicure with the addition of CND Shellac.

Qi Pedicure – 60 mins

Feet are cleared away of dead, dry skin with house-made sugar scrubs, followed by an organic mask on the feet. Enjoy the aromatherapy and hot towels to relieve built up tension, followed by a nail lacquer of your choice.

Shellac Removal




Eyebrow Tint $20
Eyebrow Wax $20
Lip or Chin $20+
Full Face $60+
Underarms $25+
Half Arm $35+
Full Arm $50+
Half Leg $65+
Full Leg $85+
Bikini $50+
Brazilian $85+
Back $80+
Chest $65+

Please note: Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment are subject to a $50.00 fee. No shows are subject to pay the full treatment fee.